The Universe .. is …possibilist

and that is also confirmed by “THE TREE  HOUSE  !!

the “unique” tree house project designed and put into practice by italian architect      Claudio Beltrame and sustanaible construction company “DomusGaia


“The way on which a man do things is the direct result of his way to think”

“Give to everybody something worthier to be used regard the economic value of what somebody is giving to you: certainly you are contributing to the World’s Life, whatever is the business transaction in which both of you are engaged”

(blogger XLAT about Wallace D. Wattles words)


The Tree Houses are a human genius inspiration drawn from nature. They are fascinating places where to recreate a connection between YOU and the environment, so YOU will get further from the routine and from the frenzy.

The TREE HOUSES are shaped like pine cones and also are sustainable energy and comfy houses!  They’re carved  from the trees of Ugovizza, near Malga Priusono, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Alps (Italy).

According the so pragmatic and stimulating magazine “Casa Naturale- Pagine 8 /9 edizione Gennaio/Febbraio 2017 ” the curious tourists and ecotourists can enjoy them from

next Summer 2017 …!!!vacation_ok_tkact

Meanwhile, the same news source  writes: “for now it’s possible to book to the TREE HOUSE neighbouring farm holiday Malga Priu“.


“I am me plus the environment, so If I not preserve the last one I’ll not preserve myself” (blogger XLAT about  José Ortega y Gasset words)

Acquista Online su  book_tkact_02   book_tkact_03

                   Access                                 Access                            Access


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